Zero Halliburton for Lexus Edge Lightweight Continental Carry-On Case

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In celebration of the 2021 Lexus Black Line series of luxury performance vehicles, Zero Halliburton has customized its innovative Edge Lightweight Continental Carry-On Case as a special edition designed to complement the popular series Lexus vehicles. From the cushion-cut logo badge laser-etched with Zero Halliburton for Lexus branding, to the silky interior fabric imprinted with the Intersect by Lexus Crosshatch pattern, Lexus design codes are incorporated throughout the travel case collections adding nuanced brand-references.

Designed to advance you along your journey with ease, the 22-inch Continental Carry-On experience begins with the thoughtfully designed interior packing structure contained within a high-performance exterior perched on an advanced wheel system. Frequent travelers will immediately appreciate the attentive design details, such as an ergonomically considered telescoping pull handle, customized, lightweight materials that render the case less than eight pounds, and the wheels created to glide 360 degrees seamlessly without hesitation. The lining is tailored in a lush silky fabric featuring the Lexus Spindle Grille Art.

• ZH Concave Edging™ for extra strength
• Low-profile, retractable rubberized side handles
• ZH Chassis™ with scalloped grip handle near wheels for easy lifting from trunk or overhead
• TSA approved combination lock
• Three-stage retractable telescoping handle with ergonomically-positioned single button release
• Sumptuously lined interior imprinted with Lexus Spindle Grille Art for pampered and organized packing: Zip in or out separator, wide-panel-tie down straps with air flow mesh to hold clothes in place, and full clip closure compression panel with extra mesh pocket to stow smaller items.
• Leather-embossed Lexus logo on compression panel
• Coordinating chrome trim on monogram-ready exterior ID Tag
• Rubber-lined 360-degree ball-bearing wheels for added traction, ease, and shock absorption
• Black matte polycarbonate
• 7.9 lbs.
• 16.5 W x 22 H x 9 D